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The Friends of the Salem Public Library is a group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the:

  • promotion of literacy

  • encouragement of individuals to develop themselves and their potential by reading

  • betterment of our communities by developing future generations to meet future challenges, foreseen and unforeseen

  • love of books, and people who also love books


These aims are achieved by raising funds that enable the library to promote and provide programs which encourage members of the community, particularly the young, to read; and to develop additional and alternative library services.

The principal fund raiser of the Friends is the Book Sale which is held on Olde Salem Day each September.  All of the items sold are donated by our generous community. Without those donations there would be no book sale.

Throughout the year volunteers collect and store the donations.  During August a small but dedicated group of Friends sort, price and prepare the donations.  Many more volunteers are employed during the sale as Checkers, Cashiers, and Shelvers.

Time Commitment

The amount of time devoted to the Friends is up to the individual volunteer. A statement of interests, skills, and time available allows an individual to be assigned tasks.  During sale preparation, some volunteers come in almost daily, others once a week, others when they can. We try to be flexible, but expect that a commitment, once taken, is fulfilled, or that in fairness to all, ample warning to the contrary is provided.

Volunteer Form

Click Here and Fill out the Membership Form, and we'll contact you. Interested in volunteering year-round? Please contact us at or call 540-389-7037.

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